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The Horizon Transport Driveaway Division has load origin points in many areas of the country. We recruit contractors from all over the United States. Below you will see our main origin points and the type of vehicles we ship from those points. These origin cities ship vehicles on a consistent day to day basis. Horizon also employs a national re-load staff of dispatchers that are responsible for developing other load origin points in other areas of the country.

Origin City
Types of vehicles shipped
Base rate of pay

Wakarusa, INNorth central Indiana is America's heartland of RV production. We ship motorhomes, utility trucks and buses from this origin point. We deliver to all 48 states and Canada
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Coburg, ORWe deliver motorhomes originating from Coburg, OR deliverying to all 48 states and Canada
$0.50 per mile + fuel surcharge  

Other origin points
We also ship units from other manufacturing origin points. You will have an oppartunity to access a vehicle from one of these origin cities. Throughout the year we enter many transport orders in our system originating from cities throughout the US and Canada. We will do the best we can to keep you under a load as often as you like.