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$2,000 Tow-Away Sign On Bonus!

Horizon Transport is offering a $2000 Sign-On bonus for re-hired or newly hired Tow-Away drivers who meet the following conditions:

- The applicant has not worked for Horizon Transport, or had an active driver file at Horizon Transport, within the prior 12 months.

- 33,000 safe delivery miles are completed during the first Spring Season following (re)hire date, i.e. January 1 to May 30, if the (re)hire date falls outside January 1 and May 30.

- 33,000 safe delivery miles are completed prior to the applicant's six month anniversary date, if the (re)hire date falls between January 1 and May 30.

- The Horizon Transport Tow-Away Sign-On Bonus is earned at the time the 33,000th safe delivery mile is completed, as outlined above. The bonus is offered as an all-or-nothing incentive. It is either earned or not earned by the applicant's sixth month after leasing-on, or during the first Spring Season following the (re)hire date. If safe delivery miles less than 33,000 are achieved, the bonus is not paid pro-rata. It is simply forgone. Once 33,000 safety miles are achieved, as described for bonus eligibility, the bonus will be paid within one week.

* Horizon Transport recognizes all documented safety miles achieved while working for another RV Transporter. Horizon Transport will credit all newly hired contractors with safety miles achieved from a "like carrier" upon the completion of Horizon Transport's orientation. However, the 33,000 safety miles required for the Sign-On Bonus must be Horizon-dispatched miles, run within the first six (6) months after completing Horizon Transport's Independent Contractor Owner/Operator driver orientation.

2014 Spring Activity Bonus!

Horizon is preparing for an incredible year in 2014, therefore Horizon Transport will be paying a $.05/mile outbound bonus to those contractors that commit to completing 5 outbound deliveries OR 5,000 outbound miles, from any of the Indiana terminals, in each of the months:


Based on your commitment, bonus money is paid to you as part of the normal advance and settlement on every outbound dispatch - no waiting!

Please consider making this important and profitable commitment!

The Tow-Away Division utilizes independent contractors nationwide to provide trailer delivery service to the recreational and commercial trailer industry. A Tow-Away contractor will be asked to use their privately owned Pick Up truck or similar style truck to provide transport service to all 48 states and Canada. Drivers will be paid a mileage fee and be responsible for all truck expense, including fuel, insurance and registration.